A Note From The ACT Mom . . .

These stories are inspiring and I love to share them.  However, it MUST be noted that these students took the strategies presented in class and APPLIED them to the ACT with hours of practice and study.

I can teach students what is on the test.  I can teach students how to approach the test.  I can teach students how to develop a long-term study plan for the test.  But, it is ultimately the STUDENTS who do the work.

I believe that the vast majority of students can improve their ACT scores by hard work, perseverance, and grit.  The KIDS are the real heroes here and I love to celebrate every single one of them.

Kati Johnson

Our son participated in your class in July.  He re-took the ACT in September and his composite score remained at 19.  He admitted he didn't really study for it.  I think when he started seriously looking at colleges it finally hit him how important it was to get those scores up just for admittance.  He studied the notes from your class and spent time practicing for the October test.  He made a 26!  He said you really helped him and he wanted you to know.

-Misty Y.

This teacher really cares. 

                                                                   John S.

My son attended your class in early August.  At the time, his highest composite score was a 27.  On the scores released today, he scored a 30 composite!  Most impressive, his English was a 34.  He attributes his recent success to strategies from your class.  He worked daily to implement those strategies for the October test.  He was motivated to study because he felt he actually learned something from your class.  I will most definitely send my daughter to your class when it is time for her to start preparing for the ACT.  Thank you !

-April B.

My daughter took the ACT for the first time without any preparation and scored a 22.  

After taking your class, she re-took the test and score a 27.  She went from a 19 to a 28 in Reading.

-Lily O. 

I really liked the relaxed atmosphere of the class. 

-Jackson T.

We just got our daughter's scores from April.  She raised her score 5 points!  THANK YOU!  Your class gave her the tips and confidence she needed to make that jump in her score.  She is SO excited and wants to take your class again!

-Jessica J.

Could you extend the class into Sunday?  I didn't want to leave.

-Katie C.

I realized a large part of my struggle with the ACT was my

lack of personal strategy, not prior knowledge. 

-Sam S.

Let me start by extending my heartfelt gratitude to you for this outstanding seminar.  Your intentional map has given us purpose and direction.

-Corenna F.

This class has met and exceeded my expectations. 

Thank you so much!

-Tracey M.

My son increased his score in three of the four areas

and his overall score went up 2 points. Thank you!

-Melodie F.

October's test results just came in and my daughter was so excited with her scores. I'm proud to say that she got a 31 on her first ACT. Thank you for your commitment to these kids! You are making a huge difference in their futures.

                                                                                               -Susan I.

My daughter just received her results after taking your class.  She hit her goal and increased 3 points to a 31.  She said she couldn't have done it without you.

-Melanie K.

I feel as if my daughter will have boxing gloves on

the next time she takes the ACT. 

-Christy L.

Thank you again for your insight, influence, and investment in our son.  We are forever grateful.

-Bridgette G.

Final Thoughts From The ACT Mom . . .

While I love to share students' stories, I never want it to appear that their success came overnight. The final part of my class is the hardest part: developing and implementing a plan for future study. THAT is how these students found success.

I love teaching teenagers, especially the two that still live in my home.  My daughter is a Junior: she has been gently exposed to the ACT for many years now.  

She practices and I coach: we try to make it fun. She practices and I research: we pray for guidance along the way. She practices and I encourage: it's a privilege to watch her story unfold. 

My passion for my own children has now rippled onto hundreds of teenagers. I have the best job in the world!  If I can encourage you in any way as you prepare for college and the ACT, just let me know. 

Kati Johnson