There will be an introduction to every type of grammar question tested on the ACT.  This includes subject/verb agreement, pronoun agreement, parallel structure, sentences and fragments, apostrophes, commas, possessives, colons, dashes, semi-colons, transitions, redundancy, verb tense, adjectives and adverbs, misplaced modifiers and more.  The second part of the English section focuses on style questions, paragraph order, the writer's intention and more. Once a student masters content, he or she must develop a strategy. The ACT moves fast; timing is everything.  


This section can be intimidating to many new test takers. However,  it is critical to understand that the answers are IN THE PASSAGE.  There is no outside knowledge required. Students will learn to recognize correct answers based on the passage.  There are 4 different passages:  prose fiction, social science, humanities, and natural science.  Students will develop a personal order in which they take the reading portion of the test, saving the most difficult passage for last.  This often varies based on the student. Strategies are also offered to help improve reading speed and comprehension.


The only math tested on the ACT is Pre-Algebra,  Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry and Trigonometry (4 questions).  During the weekend seminar, we will break down these questions so that students get a solid review of math content. After a review of probability, percents, fractions, functions, angles, area, circumference, scientific notation, radicals, imaginary numbers, matrices, the coordinate plane and Trigonometry, students will work on their personal strategy to attack the test. 


Many students fear the science section; it is designed to be intimidating.  However, a student's Reading and Science score should be within a few points of each other.  They require the same skill:  excavating the correct answers from the texts and graphs.  There are only 4 questions in the science section that require outside knowledge.  You don't have to be a chemist to do well on the science portion of test.  You have to be able to read graphs and tables quickly.  Practice over time is the most effective way to raise your science score. 

Interested in Hosting a weekend Seminar?

Weekend Seminars work well for those in surrounding communities or those who need ACT instruction packed into one weekend. The Seminar usually runs Friday evening through Saturday afternoon.  Hosts secure a venue for the training and promote it within their own community.  There is a minimum number of 12 people needed for a weekend seminar. The cost is $200.00 per student.  Siblings can attend for half price. Parents can attend for free. 

Hosts and Their Children Attend for FREE!