The online class goes beyond what we do in class. It covers all nine hours of in-person instruction and then adds an additional five hours of teaching videos and practice. The sessions are pre-recorded into bite-sized lessons followed by questions to test a student's understanding of the specific concept just taught. It  has the same laid back, practical feel of the in-person class as well as a teaching style that allows students to slowly build knowledge and confidence. Students will work through one complete practice test as they complete the program.  The online class also provides links to six additional practice tests released by the ACT.

Cost: $250 (+ $8.25 Shipping) Online Access for one year 

Overview of the Online Course

English is the easiest section of the ACT for most students to raise their score in. Many students have commented that  they finally understand grammar after taking this course.  As one student commented, "It finally all makes sense."

Reading is testing a skill: the ability to get through a lot of information in an unrealistic amount of time. This section will help students determine HOW to get the right answer.  You DON'T have to "go with your gut"  and there will NEVER be "two correct answers." 

The Science section continues to test the same skill as Reading. A student's Reading and Science score should be no more than one point apart. Learn HOW to move quickly through the 6 science passages in 5 minutes or less. 

The Math section tests simple, widely understood math concepts in scary, intimidating ways. Each problem can be solved in 30 seconds or less!  Learn how to recognize the repeated concepts--and even the repeated questions-- as you develop a strategy to move  quickly through math.