About us

Keith and Kati Johnson founded The ACT Mom during the summer of 2015.  What had been a private undertaking became public when Kati started sharing the story of her family's 4 year preparation for the ACT.  Keith manages the website, online registration, and blog while Kati speaks, teaches, encourages, and counsels. 

Keith has Master's Degree in Ministry from Moody Bible Institute and Kati has a Master's Degree in Counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary. As undergraduates, they attended Birmingham Southern College (ΣΝ) and The University of Kentucky (ΧΩ), respectively. 

Keith and Kati live in Lexington, KY with 2 out of their 3 teenagers (one just flew the nest) and their Westie, Joker. Keith is the Elementary Spiritual Life Director at the Lexington Christian Academy and Kati is a homeschooling mother and pilates instructor.